Amanda Lovelace

October 22, 2017

Last night I pulled the blankets up to my chin and read the princess saves herself in this one from start to finish. If I’ve ever felt absolute fascination, this is it. I wrote the following poem as a sort of ode to the author, Amanda Lovelace. Read on.


her words

are not fancy

her words

aren’t things

you need

a dictionary

to understand

her words

are not prestigious

they are simple

they are few

but they are heavy

they are bricks

and with them

she builds castles

i want to live there

she talks about






my eyes feel


amanda lovelace

feed me your words

some, i will swallow whole

and some

i will chew

a hundred times

because i want

the taste

on my tongue


Check out the poetry collection at I think this book will save lives.


Love, Tess


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